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    Need a gift idea?

    Seventy of Lynn Powers original paintings were made into fine art prints so that more people can enjoy them. These are available on the site. Prints Available


    To take a virtual walk through the City Hall, Gallery Calapooia and to view Lynn’s studio visit this page:  https://visitingmedia.com/listing/lynn-powers-studio/

    To view these on your smartphone:  text  lynn to 24587.  (Everyone who text’s lynn will be entered in a drawing for a free LynnPowersArt print of their choice.)

    Gallery Calapooia & Albany City Hall

    click on the image to enlarge the Art Show Flier

    List of Prints for Sale Here

    Lynn has always been immersed in watercolor. Her mother, Jan Kunz, (author, teacher, artist) was her first exposure to the art form. It was only after Lynn left her idyllic childhood (riding horses in the orange groves and foothills of Southern California) that Lynn discovered the work of other fine artists.

    Lynn graduated with a degree in Art History from Occidental College in Los Angeles, married her college sweetheart and moved to Oregon with three small children to a 4.5 acre "farm".  In the mid '80s, Lynn acquired a degree in graphic design and print technology at Linn-Benton Community College in Albany, Oregon. After graduation she started her graphic design business, specializing in posters and logos. Her work included the City of Albany, West Albany High School, US Bureau of Mines, the Democrat Herald (local newspaper) and a series of posters for the city's summer festivals and children's preforming arts.

    In 1998, Lynn and her mother, filmed three VHS art workshops using a hired production company. In this process Lynn discovered the shortcomings of non-artist video producers and decided there was a need for a production company specializing in art video productions for working artists. In 1999, after their children left the nest, Lynn and Jim started Creative Catalyst Productions, Inc.  For 12 years, following their first film with artist Arleta Pech they built a company that ultimately produced 95 full-length art education videos (DVDs).

    Over the years Lynn's focus shifted back to art, full-time. She is now working in two very different styles which energize and refresh one another: 1) Traditional watercolor, primarily portraiture, and 2) Graphic, hard edged style she is calling “just fun”.

    She is a founding member of Gallery Calapooia, a co-op gallery in Albany, Oregon. Her work has also received recognition in the National Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society and Watercolor Society of Oregon. Her art hangs in many private collections.


    Artist's statement

    I enjoy painting. But I also hate painting. When painting is going well, it’s life affirming. When it isn’t, I’m ready to throw in the towel… forever. But it always calls me back. I am very deeply rooted in watercolor.  
Because I want it to be good, my painting demands my total concentration. It has never come easily. There is so much to learn. I’ve tried to have a more casual relationship with my art to no avail.  
Perhaps my recent foray into light-hearted art is the answer. I’ve titled the series : Just for Fun. I can only hope. 
So there you have it. No sugar and cream write up here.

    Learn more about the art of Lynn Powers at www.LynnPowersArt.com