I've worked as a graphic designer for many years, and I have a true love for things that are graphic in nature. Some of my poster work and flower work really reflect this. I want the viewer to see the design and color more than texture necessarily. This is why frisking and airbrush are so great. It's a really time consuming process but I love the control and outcome.


For Late Night Tea & Cookies (part of my Just for Fun series), I did perhaps want more grayed out colors. Maybe a bit less brash and a bit more sophisticated.


I learned a lot on this project especially about how absolutely critical it is to be tidy. I can't be in a rush and I need to double check everything. I need to have excellent light and a very sharp knife. I also need to be in a quiet setting so that I can hear when I'm cutting the friskit correctly. I need to make sure that I can hear it cut all the way through and then not be too eager and pull the friskit up too quickly. It's not a loose process, but I still find it worth the work.