Inspired by Lynn Powers life and art, our son Ben, opened a Foundation and Gallery which will feature 50 of Lynn Powers' original paintings and offer prints of her work for sale.
The Grand Opening is Saturday, March 4
Exhibit: March 1 - May 31, 2017
All are invited.

When:    6-9pm, Saturday, March 4
Where:  Wallow Gallery - 125 W Main St, Carlton, OR 97111, USA
Contact:,   503-969-5530

Exhibition Website:

Lynn Powers Art Website

About:  the World’s 1st VR Gallery

Welcome to WALLOW Gallery, promoting art awareness and education through technology. Part of WALLOW Foundation, WALLOW Gallery introduces visual technologies to deepen the experience of viewing and exploring art. WALLOW displays a rotation of fine art, glass, ceramics, sculpture and woodwork, each with a companion VR experience.

WALLOW offers regular art classes and ‘paint & play’ events for kids and adults.

 100% of WALLOW profits support local art initiatives.